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1 set that receives radio or tv signals [syn: receiving system]
2 (law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties [syn: liquidator]
3 earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds [syn: telephone receiver]
4 a person who gets something [syn: recipient]
5 a football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward pass [syn: pass receiver, pass catcher]

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  • /ɹəˈsivɚ/


-er receive


  1. A person who receives something.
  2. A person who acts as trustee for a bankrupt.
  3. A person who accepts stolen goods.
  4. (football) A person who accepts the ball after it has been snapped.
  5. Any of several electronic devices that receives signals and converts them into sound or vision
  6. A court administrator



person who receives
person who buys stolen goods
electronic device

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Receiver may mean:
  • Metropolitan Police Receiver, formerly the chief financial officer of the London Metropolitan Police
  • Receiver of Wreck, an official of the UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency, headquartered in Southampton, concerned with the management of wrecked ships

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Christian, God-fearing man, TelAutography, Teletype, Teletype network, Teletyping, accepter, accountant, acquirer, addressee, audience, auditor, beholder, believer, bookkeeper, bursar, cabinet, call box, cashier, cashkeeper, catechumen, chamberlain, chassis, churchgoer, churchite, churchman, closed-circuit telegraphy, code, coin telephone, communicant, comptroller, consignee, console, container, controller, convert, curator, daily communicant, depositary, depository, desk telephone, devotee, devotionalist, dial telephone, disciple, duplex telegraphy, electricity, extension, facsimile telegraph, fanatic, fence, financial officer, follower, getter, good Christian, hearer, holder, housing, interrupter, key, liquidator, listener, looker, mouthpiece, multiplex telegraphy, neophyte, news ticker, obtainer, pay station, payee, paymaster, phone, pietist, procurer, proselyte, public telephone, purse bearer, quadruplex telegraphy, radio, radio receiver, radio set, radio telescope, railroad telegraphy, receiving set, receptacle, recipient, religionist, saint, sender, set, simplex telegraphy, single-current telegraphy, sounder, spectator, steward, stock ticker, submarine telegraphy, swagman, swagsman, taker, telegraphics, telegraphy, telephone, telephone booth, telephone engineering, telephone extension, telephone mechanics, telephone receiver, telephonics, telephony, teleprinter, teletypewriter, teletypewriting, telex, theist, ticker, transmitter, treasurer, trustee, truster, typotelegraph, typotelegraphy, utensil, vessel, viewer, votary, wall telephone, wire service, wireless, wireless set, zealot
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